"Punk-laden, blues rock band The Wans released their debut full-length in 2014, hitting with immediate intensity, thick reverb and invigorating songwriting.  He Said, She Said has a constant punch - credit the way The Wans match their drums and guitar rhythms in constant synch, forcing your toes to tap through some uncontrollable electrochemical reaction." - operation every band

“In love with both The Stooges and The Jam… steamroller guitar riffs and vocals about partying all night every night.” -NME

“The bastard child of Irish whiskey and cheap American beer.” -NoiseTrade

“Radiating the very soul of rock ‘n roll across the decades and pin-pointing it to this very moment. ” -Heavy Planet

“You know that buzz you get right about the time you’ve had plenty to drink? It’s like that. Fearless. Exciting. Alive.” -Maine Music News

“So edgy and so damn catchy you won’t be able to take it off repeat. Makes 99% of the rest of rock bands in Nashville look like boys choirs.” -No Country For New Nashville

2014 Forecastle Review: A blues trio in overdrive, The Wans are sonically powerful, complimented by sharp songwriting and a knack for riffed hooks.  Hard driving and molasses-thick, the Nashville band’s early material is satisfyingly raw and surprisingly soulful.  Their heart-led approach is what makes The Wans stand out in a genre so centered on energy and punch.  2012’s self-titled EP is a rather diverse mix, from the countrified “Hey” to heavier metal influences on “Shoot For The Thrill” and “I Like To Party”.  Lead single “Never Win”, from the upcoming record He Said, She, Said, premiered this week on USA Today and it’s a nice show of maturity, a grungy number that doubles as a breezy pop-rock track.